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Pet Bathing

Pet Bathing

Dogs and cats, like people, require bathing to keep their coats and skin clean. If you need assistance with pet bathing, or if you have questions about how to bath your pet, contact Montrose Veterinary Clinic in Houston, TX, to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Here is some general information about the importance of pet bathing and how our vet can help with the process.

Reasons for Pet Bathing

There are several reasons why pet bathing may be needed. If your pet comes into contact with a skunk, gets into a fight with another animal, or becomes dirty or covered with a chemical agent, bathing is required to remove any scent, blood, or remnants from the fur. This will also help to keep your pet from licking at the substance, which could cause illness. Most pets will make an attempt to groom themselves; however, there are times when they may not be able to do this themselves. An injured or aging pet may need assistance with the grooming process.

Why it is Important to Bathe Your Pet

If you do not bath your pet when it becomes dirty, bacteria will remain on their fur and skin. This could cause a pet to lick at the material and may lead to illness. When a pet becomes dirty, the problem can escalate if the material is not removed from the fur in a timely manner. Additional dirt will adhere to the fur, and it may become knotted or matted. This will make it more difficult to remove dirt when a bath is given.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help

Our veterinarian can assist with bathing your pet if you are unable to complete the process yourself. They will check over your pet's skin for any signs of infection and will treat affected areas as needed.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

To get help with bathing your cat or dog, reach out to Montrose Veterinary Clinic in Houston, TX, to make an appointment with our veterinary team. Give our practice a call today at (713) 524-3814 to find out more.


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