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National Mutt Day

Celebrate National Mutt Day with Montrose Veterinary Clinic in Houston, TX

Although National Mutt Day was December 2nd, we see no reason why we shouldn't celebrate them all month long this December! While we believe all pets are special no matter their breeding, or lack thereof, far too often, mutts stay in animal shelters and never find a forever home. At Montrose Veterinary Clinic, serving Houston, Texas and the surrounding area, we're encouraging you to welcome a mutt into your home, and we want to help by offering our vet care at our animal hospital like pet boarding or a neuter or spay procedure. We even offer emergency vet services to ensure your mutt, or any dog stays healthy. 

Mutt playing with cat

Have a One-of-a-Kind Dog

While every dog is truly unique, you won't ever find another dog that looks and acts just like a mutt. Our veterinarian in Montrose sees quite a few pups born to the same parents in the same litter that do not look exactly alike. 

Less Likely to Have Genetic Risks

When a dog is a purebred, they're often more at risk than mixed breeds to have certain genetic issues since the pup receives genes of one breed from both species. On the other hand, mixed breeds don't have as high of a risk because they receive genes from two different breeds.  

Low Price of Mutts

One benefit of buying a mutt is that they're a cost-efficient option for people who don't have hundreds, or even thousands, to spend on a purebred. Plus, if you decide to purchase a mutt from a shelter, the proceeds go to helping the shelter take care of the animals. 

Feel Good About Saving a Life

Even purebreds end up in the pound without a home, but if you go to the pound, you'll notice most of them are mixed breeds. Most shelters are so overrun with pups, and some of them, kill the pets they can't find homes for. By adopting a mutt, you're saving a life. 

Just As Loving and Special as Purebreds

A mutt is just as loving and special as a purebred. 

Our Vet Helps 

It doesn't matter whether you have a purebred or a mutt, our animal hospital offers emergency vet services and pet boarding as well as spay or neuter services to help during the initial adoption process and the entire life of your pet.

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