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Why Does My Dog Need a Dental Cleaning?

Why Does My Dog Need a Dental Cleaning?

If your dog’s appetite is not the same as of late where once they would happily eat what you put in front of them, now they slowly nibble if they eat at all. You’ve switched the brand of pet food, but the issue persists.

Dog getting its teeth cleaned by his veterinarian in Houston.

Not only that, but your pet’s breath stinks. These are all indicators that you need to bring your dog to a Houston veterinarian for a dental cleaning.

Does My Dog Need a Dental Cleaning?

Your pet needs dental cleanings for the same reason people do: to keep teeth clean and avoid more serious oral health maladies. Your veterinarian can also review the mouth for tumors or cysts.

Here are other issues that a veterinarian can find a dental cleaning:

  • Cleft palate and other palate defects
  • Jaw fractures and breaks
  • Bite and teeth misalignments, also known as malocclusions
  • Teeth infections and abscesses
  • Periodontal disease, which can sometimes be fatal without treatment
  • Broken roots and teeth
  • Mouth swelling and bleeding
  • Excessive drooling and chewing
  • Tartar and other teeth discolorations
  • Loose and broken teeth

How Often Should My Dog Get a Dental Cleaning?

You should take your dog to a veterinarian for teeth cleanings once they turn six months old. Do this annually and your pet’s oral health should be at its best. For teeth that shine brightly all year long, buy a soft child’s toothbrush and gently brush your dog’s teeth yourself. Never use toothpaste; just cool water and the toothbrush are enough to combat plaque, tartar, cavities, and even potentially ward off periodontal disease.

Need Dental Cleanings, Pet Boarding, and More from an Animal Hospital in Houston, TX?

Whether your dog needs dental cleanings, pet boarding, or other services, Montrose Veterinary Clinic is a premier animal hospital in Houston, TX that administers these services. Our veterinary services also include a kitten and puppy care, spaying and neutering surgery, senior pet care, pet emergency care, vaccinations, pet surgery, and pet wellness exams.

To contact our veterinarian today, call 713-524-3814 or visit the Montrose Veterinary Clinic on 1701 Montrose Boulevard.


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