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Poison Prevention Week

Poison Prevention Week: What Pet Owners to Need to Know About Pet Poisoning

The American Medical Veterinary Foundation has established March 18 through the 24th as Poison Prevention Week to help raise awareness of foods, plant, and medications toxic to pets. In addition, Poison Prevention Week is meant to educate pet owners on recognizing the signs of pet poisoning as soon as possible so they can get their pets to an animal hospital for treatment. Your veterinarian in Montrose also wants you to know about the different types of toxins harmful to dogs, cats, and other pets.

Dog tempted by eating poisonous food.

Foods, Plants, and Medications Poisonous to Pets

Do not feed pet’s chocolate, xylitol chewing gum, raisins, grapes, garlic onions and raw meat/eggs. These foods contain chemicals toxic to dogs and cats. Be aware uncooked food could contain E. coli or salmonella bacteria, two food poisoning disorders causing serious gastrointestinal problems.

Common houseplants toxic to pets include aloe, baby's breath, and Easter lily, parsley, rhododendron and spider ivy. Your emergency vet in Houston, TX can give you more information about indoor and outdoor plants harmful to pets.

Finally, never give pet’s ibuprofen, Tylenol or any other "human" medication unless directed by your vet. If your pet needs medication, our vet can prescribe medications specifically formulated to treat pets safely and effectively.

Signs of Pet Poisoning

Vomiting, drooling, inability to walk or stand, excessive thirst, bleeding nose/gums, and severe trembling are signs your pet may have ingested something toxic. If you observe these symptoms in your pet but aren't sure whether your pet has eaten something poisonous, bring him to our Houston, Texas animal hospital immediately for evaluation by our emergency vet. Even if the vet determines your pet hasn't been poisoned, these symptoms indicate a serious medical issue is affecting your pet that requires treatment as soon as possible.

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