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10 Tips to Avoid Lost Pets

Your Veterinarian in Montrose Offers These 10 Tips to Avoid Lost Pets

While wearing a collar and ID tag is a good way to help get a lost pet home as soon as possible, collars can be torn off when pets find their way to wooded areas or happen to get into a scuffle with another animal. One of the best ways to locate lost pets as soon as possible is microchipping.

Dog with a knapsack happy that he is microchipped.

1. What is Microchipping?

Microchipping is a painless, quick procedure involving your TX vet injecting a tiny "chip" containing contact information under your pet's skin. If a lost, microchipped pet is found, a device scans the microchip and pulls contact info (the owner's phone number, home address, pet's name) from a national database. In addition, most animal hospital veterinarians and shelters have microchip scanners to help reunite pets with their worried owners.

2. Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Neutering reduces the urge for male pets to roam while spaying prevents female pets from going into heat, roaming and attracting unneutered pets. 

3. Pet Boarding

Instead of having someone watch your pet while you are away or during a home renovation, boarding your pet eliminates the risk of your pet running away due to stress and anxiety over an owner's absence.

4. Visitors and Pets

When you have visitors over, remind them to avoid opening doors when your pet is near or make sure they know where your pet is before opening a door leading to the outside of your home.

5. Invest in an Invisible Fence

An invisible fence prevents pets from straying beyond perimeters established by underground wires. When a pet wearing an invisible fence collar attempts to roam beyond the perimeter, the collar gives them a harmless, buzzing type shock.

6. Use Leashes All the time

Always walk your dog with a leash. Although you may have walked your dog "leashless" in the past, you never know when your dog may see something worth chasing.

7. Training Classes in Houston, Texas

Behavioral training classes for dogs can help restrain an overanxious or hyperactive dog prone to running away.

8. Install a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences work well to keep pets from escaping your yard and are relatively low maintenance. Wood fences will deteriorate and can be chewed by dogs.

9. Make Sure Dogs Receive Adequate Physical Activity

Walk your dog every day to reduce hyperactivity and restlessness.

10. Avoid Using "Doggie" Doors

Doggie doors are larger versions of cat doors that allow dogs to come and go as they please. Pet owners won't know when their dogs are outside if they use doggie doors.

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