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  • 5 Ways to Share Your New Year's Resolution With Your Pet
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5 Ways to Share Your New Year's Resolution With Your Pet

5 Ways to Share Your New Year's Resolution With Your Pet

What's your New Year's Resolution? At Montrose Veterinary Clinic our team has made a wide variety of promises for this New Year, but we've added a fun new twist. We're determined to share all of our new changes with our pets. Knowing your dog or cat expects you to do something helps you to keep your plans every day. No matter what improvement you're trying to make, sharing it with your pet will make you more successful.

New Years Resolutions with Your Pet.

1. Getting More Exercise

This one's a natural if you've got a dog. Take your pooch on walks or runs, go out to the dog park and throw balls or Frisbees for it to catch, or walk up and down stairs if the weather's bad outside.

2. Eating a Healthier Diet

Have you researched your pet's food? Look at the label to find the ingredients, and then ask our veterinarian for recommendations for a more nutritious food. You know you feel better when you eat right. Your pet will feel the same.

3. Relax More

If you live a stressful lifestyle, your resolution may be to get more relaxation in your life. There's no better way to calm down and relax than by sitting with your furry family member and petting it. 

4. Travel

Have you vowed to travel more to discover exciting and interesting new places? Your pet would love to come along. Bonus points: pets are great conversation starters when you want to talk to the people who live where you're visiting.

5. Make New Friends

If your social life is so-so, making some new friends is a great way to liven it up. Join some groups of pet lovers, sign up for obedience classes, or start hanging out at a dog park. Your mutual love of your pets will be a natural way for you and strangers to get to know each other.

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