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Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips From Your Houston Veterinarian   

Thanksgiving means friends and family getting together, along with a tasty feast of traditional dishes. Every year we see pets in our animal hospital after well-meaning owners have given them treats from their Thanksgiving feast that their pet shouldn't eat. We know you love your furry family members, but keep their safety in mind while cooking and serving your holiday meal.

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Houston Veterinarian Offers Thanksgiving Advice

Many holiday meals include traditional bread recipes. If you're making special rolls or loaves, don't let your pet eat any bread dough, especially if it includes yeast. Dough will continue to rise and give off gas and alcohol in a pet's stomach, making for bloated, sick pets.

Our Houston veterinarian knows how much pets love turkey. There's nothing wrong with giving your pet a small holiday treat, as long as you're smart about it. Stick with small bites of white meat, since it's lower in fat than the meat of the legs and thighs. Make sure there is no skin or bones included. Don't give your dog the leftover turkey carcass; the bones break just as easily as chicken bones and pose a choking hazard.

Skip the dessert completely, when it comes to your pet. Chocolate is well-known to be poisonous for dogs, but did you know that xylitol, a common sugar-free sweetener, can be even more dangerous for your pets?

Put decorative plants up where pets can't reach them. Plants like baby's breath, amaryllis and Sweet William can make attractive holiday decorations, but they can be deadly if your pet decides to chew on them. Our vet suggests keeping plants on a high shelf away from dogs, and avoiding them completely if you've got very curious cats.

Keep the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline number handy in case of pet emergencies. You can reach them at 888-426-4435.

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