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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety Tips from Your Montrose Veterinarian

For pet owners, a truly happy Halloween is one that doesn't require the service of a Montrose or Houston veterinarian. Here are some pet safety tips from your Montrose veterinarian.cat sitting on couch after seeing a Motrose veterinarian

  • Keep your pet away from the candy (and other human treats). Halloween human food can result in an emergency trip to your Houston veterinarian. Chocolate is notoriously toxic to pets; the darker the chocolate, the deadlier the effects. Raisins are another danger, as are treats containing the non-sugar sweetener xylitol. Hard candies can get sucked into the windpipe; wrappers can cause digestive turmoil. 
  • Decorate with caution. Your Halloween event may benefit greatly from spooky ambience and outrageous decorations, but only if your pets aren't placed in harm's way. When you're rigging up your mood lighting or audio speakers, don't leave the wiring out in the open where pets can trip over it or gnaw at it. Be careful with natural flame, too, since it's all too easy for a pet to knock a candle over -- onto himself.
  • Be smart about costumes. Costumes on pets can add tremendously to your Halloween amusement, but don't assume that your pet is up for it. Not every animal likes to wear clothing, and you could be causing your beloved friend great anxiety. If he's not clearly happy in costume, allow him to attend the party as himself.
  • Go door to door safely. You can take your pet trick-or-treating with the rest of the family as long as you follow safety precautions (unless they're not socialized around other animals or people, in which case they need to to stay home). Use a short leash and add an illuminated collar to alert passing cars.

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