Boarding Small and Exotic Animals

Pet Boarding for Small and Exotic Animals in Houston, TX

Finding a place to board your pet when you go out of town is often an inconvenience. This can be especially true when you have a pet that is not a dog or a cat. However, here at our veterinarian in Montrose and Houston, TX, we offer pet boarding for a number of different species.

small and exotic pet bird in need of pet boarding

What is a Small or Exotic Animal?

Anything that is not a dog or a cat is usually considered a small or exotic animal by the veterinary community. This encompasses a wide range of animals from wild animals being kept as pets to traditional small pets such as hamsters and guinea pigs. Birds, amphibians, and reptiles are typically considered exotic animals as well.

If you are unsure whether we can provide accommodations for your pet, feel free to call us. We will discuss the situation to determine whether our boarding facility is the right fit for your animal.

Boarding Amenities for Our Small Guests

Here at our veterinarian in Montrose, we offer boarding services for your exotic pets. Our small animal guests benefit from the knowledge and experience of our animal hospital staff. Our boarding facilities include everything necessary to keep your pet comfortable.

What is Required to Board my Pet?

Our animal hospital requires certain pieces of information from you before we can board your pet. This includes things like their age, sex, spay or neuter status, whether they have been out of Texas recently, and any known health concerns. We may require that your pet is seen by our staff before boarding.

Small and Exotic Pet Boarding at the Montrose Veterinary Clinic

The Montrose Veterinary Clinic only provides boarding services for exotic animals in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. We will refer the owner and exotic animal to the appropriate facility in the unlikely event of an emergency, medical care, or for a spay or neuter. Contact us here at The Montrose Veterinary clinic today at 7135243814 for more information. 


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