Cat Vaccinations

Cat Vaccinations in Houston

Your cat needs veterinary care even when he or she is well. This helps prevent issues that can make your pet seriously ill. In some cases, the vaccination can prevent your pet from contracting an infection that can be fatal. While our veterinarians at Montrose Veterinary Clinic recommend that all of our healthy feline patients receive core vaccines, we think it is vital for you to educate yourself, so you are comfortable and confident that you are making the right decision.


How Vaccinations Work

Your pet receives an inactive or weakened form of a microorganism that can potentially make it ill if your pet were to come in contact with it naturally. The small dosage helps your pet's immune system to recognize this invader in the future and ward it off. Therefore, your pet will only have mild symptoms or none at all.

Core Vaccinations

Our veterinarians offer core vaccines for cats, which are the ones recommended for all felines. Rabies is a core vaccine, but it is also required by state law that all cats over the age of four months old have the vaccine. It protects against a virus that is deadly and has no treatment.

Panleukemia is another vaccine on the core list. It protects your cat against feline distemper which is an infection that is sometimes fatal. It affects the gastrointestinal and nervous systems of your pet. The feline herpesvirus type I inoculation helps prevent an upper respiratory infection. Our veterinarians also recommend your cat receives the calicivirus vaccine. Most of the time, a calicivirus causes a minor respiratory infection, but certain strains can cause a severe, possibly life-threatening infection.

Non-Core Vaccinations

Your cat may also receive non-core vaccinations, which are vaccines that are only recommended for pets who are at risk for certain issues. Examples of non-core vaccines for cats include feline immunodeficiency virus and Bordatella.

Schedule Your Pets Vaccinations in Houston, TX

We will find a vaccination schedule that suits your pet based on his or her risks, age, and health. Vaccines can help prevent serious infections that may cause severe symptoms. We offer both core and non-core vaccines. Our vets will help you determine a schedule that works for your pet to make sure he or she stays healthy. Call our team at Montrose Veterinary Clinic today at (713) 524-3814 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians for a check-up and to set up a vaccination schedule.


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