When your pet is hurt or sick, they exactly can’t tell us what’s wrong. The Houston veterinary team at Montrose Veterinary Clinic relies on the latest in diagnostic testing to help understand what’s ailing your pet. We use a variety of tools to quickly diagnose and treat.

We use diagnostic testing to help establish a baseline of health for your pet during your pet’s regular wellness exams. With a full history on file, we’ll be able to use results of these baseline tests to compare against new tests when your pet is feeling under the weather. This will help us identify changes more quickly.

We offer the following diagnostic capabilities:

  • In-house laboratory testing
  • Digital radiographs with Board Certified Radiologist reads
  • Cardiology Screenings to detect arrhythmias 
  • On-call mobile ultrasound that offers diagnostics and internal medicine services
  • Tonopen measurement of intraocular pressure to detect signs of glaucoma or other eye disorder