Eye Injuries in Pets

How to treat eye injuries in pets

Eye injuries can be a serious complication for pets. The possibility of infection, scarring or blindness makes an immediate visit to the veterinarian a necessity when you first notice symptoms. At Montrose Veterinary Clinic in Houston, we are ready to assess the injury to your dog or cat and provide immediate, qualified veterinarian care in a compassionate environment.


Common injuries

Dogs and cats are rambunctious animals, making it easy for an eye injury to occur. Many injury types are obvious. Puncture wounds, scratches or accidental exposure to chemicals are all readily detected either as they happen or immediately after. An observable wound needs to be checked out by a veterinarian immediately. 

Avoid trying to treat an eye injury yourself. Even if you feel you can remove a piece of debris, avoid doing so, particularly if it is not loose, to avoid causing further injury. If a foreign object is not removed properly, it can further scratch the eye, causing permanent damage or even blindness.

In some cases of severe damage, it may not be possible to save the pet's eye or vision. However, the services of a vet are still required to ensure that any wounds are properly closed, as well as make certain an infection does not develop while providing the pet with comfort as the injury heals.

How do I detect an eye injury?

When some eye injuries occur, such as a cat scratch or direct contact with a limb during a play session in the yard, often owners are unaware. To know when to take your dog or cat to the veterinarian, you need to be aware of the most common signs of an eye injury. 

Symptoms include your pet being unable to completely open the eye. Pawing at the eyes is a common sign of the pet trying to remove an irritant, and a distorted pupil can indicate contact with an object. Cloudiness in the eye, tearing and bloodshot eyes are all warning signs as are squinting and rapid blinking. 

What do I need to do first?

When you believe your pet is showing signs of a minor eye injury, bring them to a veterinarian for an examination. In the event of a serious injury, attempt to limit the pet from accessing the eye with a cone while transporting and gently rinse the eye area with a sterile saline solution.

Montrose Veterinary Clinic in Houston can help keep your pet's eyes healthy through all the ups and downs of playtime and outings. Call us at 713-524-3814 when there is an emergency, and we will be ready to provide treatment.


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