Pet Asthma

Montrose Veterinary Clinic Treats Pet Asthma

Pets can develop asthma symptoms that are much like those seen in people. Cats are generally more susceptible to asthma reactions, but small dogs can also show symptoms. These respiratory problems can be life-threatening if not properly managed. At Montrose Veterinary Clinic in Houston, TX, we offer effective treatment for asthma in pets.

Montrose Veterinary Clinic Treats Pet Asthma

Symptoms of Asthma

You may notice frequent bouts of coughing, wheezing or difficulty breathing in your pet. The symptoms may be intermittent or chronic and may be mild or severe. Symptoms may be more severe at certain times of the year. Your pet may breathe with an open mouth or may seem lethargic and reluctant to exercise. The animal may eat poorly and lose weight. If your pet’s gums appear pale or blue during an episode, you should take the animal to a vet immediately for emergency treatment.

Causes of Asthma

Similar to asthma in humans, pets can develop severe respiratory reactions to grasses, pollen or mold. They may show symptoms when someone smokes or when the air is smoky from wildfires or industrial smoke. Sometimes, strong household cleaning products can trigger a reaction or aerosol spray products. Dust or animal dander from a new or visiting pet can also trigger reactions.

Diagnosing Asthma in Pets

Your Houston veterinarian will carefully review your pet’s history and will carefully assess the animal’s symptoms. The vet may order x-rays to detect problems in the lungs and airway. Heartworm and lungworm can also cause asthma-like symptoms, and these will be ruled out by your vet. Based on your reports of the animal’s symptoms, the physical exam and the results of testing, the vet can determine if asthma is the source of the breathing problem.

Treating Asthma in Pets Effectively

For severe attacks, the vet may immediately administer an injection of epinephrine to reduce inflammation and aid breathing. Medications can help to prevent severe breathing problems and allow your pet to exercise normally, without respiratory distress. You should also remove allergens from your home as much as possible, eliminate smoking in the house and refrain from using your fireplace.

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