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Full-Service Pet Boarding Serving Montrose & Houston

Your pet is a member of the family, so you shouldn't trust their care to just anybody. At Montrose Veterinary Clinic, we understand how important it is to keep your pets fed, happy, and healthy during your absence. Our Montrose veterinarian and staff offer pet boarding services to families throughout the Houston area, and we work hard to make our boarding experience convenient and safe for everyone. Our Houston pet boarding team is committed to minimizing stress and providing a clean, inviting space for each and every guest.

pet boarding with a Houston or FOuntain Hills Veterinarian

Boarding For All Pets With Your Montrose Veterinarian

We accept boarders of all ages and sizes, because our Houston veterinary clinic is equipped to handle animals with a variety of different needs. Most importantly, we make sure each and every animal receives the basics to have a happy stay. We will feed your pet their regular diet, offer comfortable bedding in a clean space, provide plenty of human contact, and answer all your questions about our boarding accommodations.

Bathing During Your Pet's Stay

While your pet is here at Montrose Veterinary Clinic, you can opt for additional services that keep them healthy, happy, and comfortable after they return home. Our dog boarding team also provides nail trims, expresses anal glands, and gives baths upon request before going home. We even use the Furminator to brush out tangles and dead fur, preventing choking hazards and reducing your cleaning needs.

Playtime During Dog Boarding 

Of course, our boarding team is full of animal lovers who want to keep your pets happy during their stay. Add  up to TWO 15-minute play sessions to your boarding form, and we will make sure your pets get plenty of attention and stimulation during their stay at Montrose Veterinary Clinic. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and burn extra energy until you return.

Emergency Medical Care

If your pet needs emergency medical care for any reason, our Houston veterinarian will step in to treat them immediately. If your pet needs vaccinations or parasite removal, we will treat them before admitting them to our boarding facility. Of course, our veterinarian is also on hand to protect your pet's welfare. With your prior permission, our in-house vet offers non-emergency medical treatments for problems like stress-induced diarrhea. We also administer all regular medications and keep your pets on any prescription foods.

Social Media Updates

With your permission, your pets may star on our social media feeds while you're away! We love showing off our happy patients and guests, and we make sure we update our followers about the dogs and cats who visit our clinic. We embrace the bonds between patients and their owners, and we know how important it is to see real-life examples of the dogs and cats we board and treat at our clinic.  

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At Montrose Veterinary Clinic, we believe every Houston pet deserves a boarding experience that takes all their needs into consideration. Call us today to learn more about our pet boarding service.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • ""Wonderful experience! My fur baby kitties Pinky and Queen Margaret are always taken care of and the staff answers all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend this clinic!""
  • ""Everyone here is so helpful and reassuring!!! Dr. Adams is a wonderful and brilliant surgeon and Amanda was so thorough at explaining the process and describing the aftercare that my pet needed as well as making me feel comfortable about the entire procedure. I highly recommend this clinic!!!""
  • ""Copper and I have been coming for years. Even though Copper *truly* hates the vet (and I mean, really really hates the vet), they are so patient and professional with us. Always responsive, proactive, and sincerely caring. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.""
  • ""Very knowledgeable and kind staff; I have been taking my dog there since she was a puppy (she is almost 2 years old now) and I recommend them to everyone I know. They always call to check up on her after visits and ask if I have any concerns, which I really appreciate.""
  • "Staff are polite, I was seen in a timely fashion, and the vets were informative and knowledgeable, and took time with me."