Pet Vaccines With Your Montrose Veterinarian

First, it’s about keeping pets healthy; second, it’s about keeping unnecessary vet bills at bay. Pet vaccines administered by The Montrose Veterinary Clinic, your number one veterinarian in Montrose, are the key factor in our commitment to keeping our pet patients healthy and thriving.

Pet Wellness Care and Pet Vaccines in Houston

Keeping your pet well means avoiding needless illnesses that are dangerous and potentially deadly. Avoiding these illnesses means keeping up with the necessary schedule of cat and dog vaccinations. This schedule begins when puppies and kittens are 8 weeks old and continues right on throughout their lifetime.

How Pet Vaccines Work

When pet vaccines are administered, a tiny amount of an actual disease is injected into the pet’s bloodstream. For puppies and kittens, this is a smaller amount to gradually build up their immune system without overwhelming it. The pet’s immune system develops antibodies against the injected substances so that if they become exposed to the disease at some point, they will either fight it off completely, or develop a much lighter and less dangerous case of it. National veterinary experts classify two types of pet vaccines: core and non-core, which are described in more detail below.

Core Dog Vaccinations

Core vaccinations are those deemed absolutely necessary for keeping pets protected from these dangerous and potentially fatal illnesses:

  • Rabies
  • Parvovirus
  • Canine distemper
  • Canine hepatitis
  • Bordetella

Non-core Dog Vaccinations

These vaccines are optional and indicated by the types of activities you do and places you go with your dog either in the Houston area or other areas, if you travel. For example, if you and your dog spend time in woodsy or rural areas, the Lyme vaccine would be a good idea. Together, you and our veterinarian in Montrose will carefully decide which of these vaccines are necessary to protect your pet. These non-core dog vaccinations include:

  • Lyme disease
  • Infectious bronchitis
  • Bacterial blood infections

Core Cat Vaccinations

Just like with our canine friends, cats also need several vaccines to keep them healthy. The core cat vaccinations include:

  • Rabies
  • Feline panleukopenia (distemper)
  • Feline herpes virus and Calicivirus (respiratory infections)

Non-core Cat Vaccinations

For cats who spend a considerable amount of time outdoors or who are around other cats, we strongly urge that your pet get these vaccines at our Montrose animal hospital since these illnesses are usually fatal.

  • Feline chlamydophila
  • Feline leukemia virus (FeLV)

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