Pet Wellness and Preventative Care

Montrose Veterinary Clinic in Houston, Texas understands that to you, pets are family. That is why we treat your pets as members of our family when they are in under our care. It is also why we are so dedicated to pet wellness and pet preventative care among the many veterinary services we offer. We feel these are the cornerstone services we provide to help your pet live its healthiest best life possible so you can enjoy more time together.


Principles of Pet Preventative Care

You don’t want your pets to suffer needlessly from heartworms or various tick-borne conditions. Even the agony of a flea infestation is something you’d like to prevent for your pets. Preventative treatments are available to help prevent these conditions for pets.

Pet vaccines help prevent several nasty diseases for your pets, too. These vaccinations are important for your pet’s continued good health and may need to be repeated routinely to ensure their potency. This is especially true for the canine rabies vaccination and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination, among others. Young puppies need to be vaccinated for canine parvovirus, a devastating illness that spreads quickly from dog to dog and has a high rate of mortality.

We offer a full range of preventative care vaccines and preventative treatments for dogs and cats so you can keep your pets safe and healthy.

Pet Wellness

Wellness is another concern for your pets. As your pets grow and age, their wellness needs will change. We understand these changing needs and can help you keep your pets on track for optimal wellness through pet dental care, puppy and kitten care, healthy adult pet care, and specialized pet care for aging pets who have loved their families so well over the years.

Pet wellness visits are designed to keep your pets healthy and to serve as a first-line of examination for signs of potential health problems due to things like obesity, lack of activity, age, or even illness. Routine wellness visits when pets are healthy also allows them to become comfortable around our staff so they aren’t frightened or unduly stressed when they need to visit during emergencies or times of illness.

Our caring team is highly-skilled and provides loving, attentive care to all the pets in our care. Contact Montrose Veterinary Clinic in Houston, Texas today for routine veterinary services, preventative care, or wellness visits.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • ""Wonderful experience! My fur baby kitties Pinky and Queen Margaret are always taken care of and the staff answers all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend this clinic!""
  • ""Everyone here is so helpful and reassuring!!! Dr. Adams is a wonderful and brilliant surgeon and Amanda was so thorough at explaining the process and describing the aftercare that my pet needed as well as making me feel comfortable about the entire procedure. I highly recommend this clinic!!!""
  • ""Copper and I have been coming for years. Even though Copper *truly* hates the vet (and I mean, really really hates the vet), they are so patient and professional with us. Always responsive, proactive, and sincerely caring. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.""
  • ""Very knowledgeable and kind staff; I have been taking my dog there since she was a puppy (she is almost 2 years old now) and I recommend them to everyone I know. They always call to check up on her after visits and ask if I have any concerns, which I really appreciate.""
  • "Staff are polite, I was seen in a timely fashion, and the vets were informative and knowledgeable, and took time with me."