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The Montrose Veterinary Clinic Pet Services

The Montrose Veterinary Clinic provides a full spectrum of services for your pets. Our Houston veterinarians, as well as the rest of our veterinary staff are here to help make sure your pet is in tip-top shape. 

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Services Offered By Our Houston and Montrose Veterinarian

  • Wellness/Preventative Care - We emphasize preventative care in the form of regular wellness evaluations and other forms of preventative medicine. 

  • Vaccinations - We administer both "core" (essential) vaccinations to protect your pet against common killers and elective/additional vaccinations for pets with special lifestyle considerations.

  • Parasite Prevention - De-worming and preventative medications can help keep your pet pest-free and parasite free for life, reducing the risk of exposure to dangerous or even fatal diseases.

  • Veterinary Boarding - Veterinary boarding at our facility ensures that your pet has ready access to exercise, affection and medical attention from our Houston vet.

  • Pet Dental Care - Pets are prone to tooth damage, oral cancer and especially periodontal disease, which can affect the majority of adult animals. Regular pet dental care in the form of annual checkups and cleanings can detect or prevent these issues.

  • Diagnostics - The Montrose Veterinary Clinic maintains state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities, including laboratory testing, radiology, endoscopy and ultrasound. This enables us to make the most accurate diagnoses quickly and efficiently.

  • Surgery - From routine spay and neuter surgery to extensive internal surgical procedures, you can count on our Houston vet. We are fully equipped to perform a variety of surgeries and supportive treatments.

  • Emergency and Urgent Care - When your pet needs immediate help, the Montrose Veterinary Clinic can provide it. We can treat issues ranging from poison ingestion and traumatic accidents to difficult labor and urinary system blockages.

  • Pain Management - Chronic conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia may mean that your pet needs regular, reliable pain management. Our veterinarian in Houston can prescribe medications, supplements, and exercises to help your pet feel better. 

  • Senior Pet Care - Senior pets have special needs and are vulnerable to systemic diseases that require extra monitoring and treatment. We provide senior examinations and care programs for your elderly family member.

  • Hospice and Euthanasia Services - The end of a pet's life is a sad time, but we can make it more comfortable for your beloved companion. We offer hospice and euthanasia services for when that time finally comes.

  • Puppy and Kitten Care - Puppies and kittens have special needs. We provide puppy and kitten care essentials such as preventative medications, dietary recommendations and general checkups.

  • Exotic and Pocket Pets - We're happy to care for rabbits, small mammals and birds. Bring your entire menagerie to our veterinarian in Houston!

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Staff are polite, I was seen in a timely fashion, and the vets were informative and knowledgeable, and took time with me."
    Cynthia Freeland
  • "I was introduced to Montrose Veterinary Clinic back in 1996 and have never gone anywhere else. Dr. Ali, and others over the years, have cared for my pets. She is an incredible, caring doctor who goes the extra mile. The entire staff is top notch and I appreciate each and every one. Thank you all so much."
    Margaret Hammer Hulse