Pet Boarding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Boarding in Montrose

If you've never had to be separated from your pet for long periods of time before, you may be wondering whether veterinary boarding makes sense, what it involves or how to go about it. Your friends at Montrose Veterinary Clinic are happy to shed light on this important subject. Let's take a look at some frequently asked questions -- and answers -- regarding our veterinary pet boarding in Montrose.


Questions and Answers About Pet Boarding

  • Why do pets need more than an occasional feeding-time visit? Most pets thrive on the constant company of humans and/or other animals. A pet who feels abandoned may experience significant anxiety, possibly acting out with inappropriate elimination, property destruction, and other misbehaviors.
  • Why should I board my pet at an animal hospital instead of some other service? Pets who experience a sudden medical crisis can benefit greatly from already being safe and sound in our animal hospital, with your Montrose veterinarian on hand to provide treatment. Senior pets or pets with ongoing medical problems may also require vigilant monitoring, special diets and regularly-scheduled medication, which our trained personnel can easily provide.
  • What kinds of amenities do you offer at your animal hospital's boarding facility? We can make sure your pet continues to enjoy his familiar, regular meals while offering him a clean, comfortable space of his own. We can also provide your pet with daily exercise, mental stimulation, and human affection. You're welcome to request 15-minute play sessions as part of your pet's boarding stay.
  • How is dog boarding different from cat boarding? Dog boarding tends to be a more open, social environment that suits these naturally rambunctious animals. In contrast, cat boarding emphasizes a calm, quiet, peaceful environment for our more sensitive feline guests. That's why we are careful to attend to the separate needs of each kind of animal at our boarding center.
  • Can I schedule grooming services as part of my pet's boarding stay? One nice fringe benefit of boarding your pet at Montrose Veterinary Clinic is the ability to schedule professional grooming at the same time as an additional service. Let us brush out tangles, trim nails, administer baths, express anal glands and generally make your pet as clean (and healthy) as possible.
  • Will my pet need additional vaccinations before being boarded? Your pet might need booster shots for any vaccinations that are due to be updated. We may also ant to vaccinate your pet against highly communicable diseases such as a kennel cough. This helps to protect all our guests so we can offer a safe, healthy boarding environment.

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We'd be delighted to provide your best friend with a safe, happy, healthy "vacation" of his own while you're on holiday, attending a conference, undergoing surgery or otherwise engaged. But don't put the arrangements off until the last minute -- call (713) 524-3814 today to learn more from your Montrose veterinarian and set up a boarding stay! We look forward to meeting with you!


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