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The Montrose Veterinary Clinic Offers Orthopedic 

Pet Surgery in Houston TX

Pets can experience orthopedic problems just as people do. Injuries, accidents and even genetic problems can cause disorders in the bones, joints, and spine that require surgery to restore normal, comfortable mobility. At The Montrose Veterinary Clinic in Houston, TX, we offer orthopedic pet surgery to correct these issues.


What Is Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedics is an area of medicine that deals in dysfunction of the bones. When an accident causes a severe break in a bone, surgery may be needed to stabilize the broken pieces to allow normal movement. Similarly, if a genetic problem or disease affects the bones of the body, orthopedic surgery can help to restore the normal structure to facilitate movement.

Common Conditions Veterinarians See

Animals may experience tears in the cranial cruciate ligament of the knee that causes lameness and discomfort. Small dogs often suffer from a displacement of the patella that causes lameness. Surgery can help to repair these injuries. Some breeds may have genetic hip problems or animal may have severe arthritis that can lead to mobility problems. Surgery may be needed to restore normal function to the joint. Cats are less prone to genetic orthopedic problems but may be involved in accidents that require head, limb or hip injuries that require orthopedic repair.

Your Veterinarian Can Help With Post-Surgery Care

Pet owners have an important role in the post-surgery care of their pets. Your vet will provide instructions for feeding, exercise limitations, wound care and medication, to help your pet recover quickly and fully. If you notice any change in the incision area or signs of discomfort in your pet, you should contact your veterinarian immediately for further help. The vet may also recommend rehabilitation therapy after surgery to help your pet achieve full range of motion and flexibility after the procedure.

Make The Montrose Veterinary Clinic Your Vet For Orthopedic Pet Surgery in Houston TX

The veterinarian and staff at The Montrose Veterinary Clinic have many years working with animals and can provide quality, compassionate care for their patients in Houston, TX and surrounding communities. We are a full-service facility, offering vaccinations, exams, dental care, preventive care, surgery, diagnostics, and emergency care. We also offer boarding for small animals and exotic pets. Call The Montrose Veterinary Clinic today at 713-524-3814 for an appointment to have your pet screened for orthopedic problems and to learn about current treatments.


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