Puppy & Kitten Care

Puppy & Kitten Care With Your Montrose Veterinarian

Bringing a kitten or puppy into your home requires active measures to prevent health concerns from developing. Montrose puppy and kitten care starts at an early age and you want to provide proper treatments, preventative care and health management to encourage a long and active life. A veterinarian in Montrose provides the tools you need to keep your pets healthy at an early age.

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Basic Care for Kittens and Puppies in Montrose

As a general rule, you want to bring a pet to a veterinarian in Montrose shortly after the pet's birth or within a few weeks of birth. You may benefit from bringing a pet into a veterinarian shortly after weaning the pet or when you have concerns about the pet's health. 

The initial care starts with a basic examination. Veterinarians may recommend a schedule for pet vaccines, which prevent rabies, bordetella or other health concerns. Pet vaccines address specific risks to a pet's health at different ages. You may also need to deworm a pet or use medications to prevent parasites.

Spay and Neuter Procedures

After the initial exams and check-up, a veterinarian may recommend spay and neuter procedures to encourage long-term health. While spaying and neutering is a personal choice, it does reduce the risk of certain cancers and health risks. It allows a pet to live longer and may reduce the rate of certain behaviors when a puppy or kitten goes through the procedure at an early age. 

We recommend discussing Montrose puppy and kitten care with a veterinarian to determine appropriate timing for spay and neuter surgery. In some cases, your pet may need to complete other treatments before the procedure. In other cases, a veterinarian may determine that a pet is healthy enough for the procedure around eight weeks old or slightly older. Exact timing depends on your pet and their specific needs.

Pet Boarding for Kittens and Puppies

At The Montrose Veterinary Clinic, we offer pet boarding for kittens and puppies when you are out of town. Our services focus on the needs of the pet and we may provide specialized foods, additional outdoor time and appropriate treatments during their time at our clinic.

When to Seek Treatment

Seeking treatment for a pet depends on the situation and your goals. Generally, you want to seek treatment when a pet shows signs of health concerns or at an early age to check for parasites, pests or health concerns. We recommend early visits to develop an effective vaccine schedule and treatment plan to prevent health problems. Preventative care protects the health of your pet and allows you to keep up with the needs of a puppy or kitten.

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Bringing a new family member into your home adds excitement in your life. The challenge is ensuring the proper care and management of a young animal until they are within a reasonable age. To learn more about treating a puppy or kitten or for details about appropriate care for your new pet, contact us today at 7135243814.


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