Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care from Your Montrose Veterinarian

We all need a little extra medical help as we grow older -- and that goes not just for us humans but for our pets as well. If your pet is reaching the age where good health and pain-free mobility are a little harder to manage, you'll be comforted to know that senior pet care can help ensure optimal quality of life during these years. Your Montrose veterinarian at Montrose Pet Clinic will be happy to provide these essential health, wellness and pain management services for your special friend. 

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Senior Pets Face Special Challenges

Getting older can present its own set of health challenges -- but what counts as "older?" In dogs and cats, this can vary somewhat according to breed (or size, in the case of dogs), but most are considered geriatric by the age of 7. Many of the same age-related complaints that strike humans also afflict pets. For instance, your dog or cat may display hearing or vision problems, cognitive decline, stiff joints from osteoarthritis and an increasing tendency toward dental problems due to periodontal disease. (Senior cats may also develop a peculiar and painful dental ailment known as tooth resorption.) Senior pets who find running and playing uncomfortable may become sedentary; the resulting weight gain then makes their joints hurt even more.

But many of the health problems faced by senior pets are less obvious -- and even more worrying. These animals have an elevated risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, organ failure, thyroid dysfunction, urinary problems and cancer. The older your pet gets, the more closely his health must be monitored.

Our Animal Hospital Can Help Your Pet Age Gracefully

The senior pet exam is a critical aspect of caring for your geriatric friend. Our animal hospital generally performs these exams twice a year, as opposed to the annual wellness exam younger adult animals receive. A senior pet exam includes all the standard lab tests and other evaluations that your pet received when was younger, with special attention paid to items such as kidney, liver, thyroid and pancreatic function. We also check very carefully for any signs of internal or external cancer, cataracts, hypertension, deafness or pain, while asking you about any recent changes in your pet's appetite, personality or behavior.

If it turns out that your senior pet requires treatment, your Montrose veterinarian will be happy to oblige. We can provide:

  • Pain medication, nutritional supplements and other pain management options

  • Cancer treatment

  • Dental care

  • Dietary or exercise recommendations to address obesity

  • Medication and other treatments to control systemic illnesses

  • Veterinary boarding to care for your senior pet when you're away

Schedule Senior Pet Care in Montrose

If you want your pet to enjoy his "golden years," there's no time like the present to contact us for senior pet care in Montrose. We even offer a discount on senior pet blood work -- call 7135243814 for more information!


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