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Spay & Neuter Surgery With Your Montrose Veterinarian

Keeping your pets healthy and active throughout their life requires appropriate treatment and management of their well-being. When you visit our spay and neuter clinic in Montrose, you encourage long-term health by reducing certain risks to your pet's well-being throughout different stages of life.

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Spaying & Neutering With Your Montrose Veterinarian

Spay and neuter surgery is the process of preventing pets from reproducing. When your veterinarian in Montrose spays your female pet, it prevents health concerns from developing. It reduces the risks associated with pregnancy and prevents certain medical conditions from developing. When a veterinarian neuters a male pet, the animal has a lower risk of potential complications with health.

The surgical procedure removes portions of the reproductive organs of a pet to prevent pregnancies and ensure that your male and female pets remain healthy and active for a long period of tie.

Considering Spay & Neuter Surgery

The reasons you want to consider pet surgery depend on your situation. Spaying a female pet prevents complications from pregnancy, reduces the risk of breast tumors and lowers the rate of certain infections. It also changes certain behaviors because your dog or cat will not go into heat. As a result, you see better behavior from a female pet.

In the case of neutering a male pet, the advantages primarily relate to their behavior and the lower risk of certain cancers. A male pet is less likely to engage in aggressive behaviors, roam away from your home or cause embarrassing situations with your guests. You may also reduce the risk of a male pet marking territory inside your home. In the case of physical health, neutering reduces the risk of certain forms of cancer and problems with a male pet's prostate. 

When to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Appropriate timing for neuters and spays ultimately depends on the situation and your goals. Generally, you want to spay a female pet before her first heat cycle; however, you can spay female pets at a later time. Male pets benefit from neutering around 8 weeks to a few months after birth; however, exact timing may vary based on the health of your pet.

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You should always discuss the surgical procedure with a veterinarian in Montrose to determine when a pet is ready for the procedure. Since young dogs and cats may need time to develop a healthy immune system, a veterinarian may recommend waiting for Montrose spay and neuter surgery until your pets reach a slightly older age group or you address a health concern that prevents the procedure at the time of the discussion. Always follow through after discussing the procedure with a veterinarian to prevent potential complications.

Keeping your pets healthy and active throughout their life starts with identifying potential risks factors and concerns. Spaying and neutering is part of a pet's preventative care and we offer the procedure at The Montrose Veterinary Clinic. For more details about the advantages and risks of spaying or neutering a pet, contact us today at 7135243814.


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